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                                                                         2003 Suzuki Mobile Terrance
                          IMAGE  CREDITS -SUZUKI


                 As its name implies, the Mobile Terrace fuel-cell vehicle can be used to create a relaxing personalized space anywhere you go. At favourite destinations, the sliding doors on both sides and the gullwing roof can be opened wide and the floor extended outward, while the seats rotate around a table which slides out from the instrument panel. This innovative package in the four-meter-long body features an underfloor fuel-cell system based on GM’s “Hy-wire” platform and optimized by Suzuki to suit small cars.

      Engine                                      Motor in Wheel
      Weight lb (kg)  
      Acceleration 0-62  mph      
      Top speed  
      Price (approx)   

Six-seater Mobile Terrace has a 22-inch touchscreen monitor for vehicle information as well as sliding side doors for easier access to the interior.The Mobile Terrace utilizes General Motor's Hy-Wire platform. The Hy-Wire platform is intended to allow maximum flexibility and interchangeability while at the same time using fuel-cell technology to power the vehicle.

 Engine type: motor in wheel
 Fuel-cell technology

 Length: 4050mm
 width: 1695mm
 height: 1740mm
 wheelbase: 3000mm