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                                                                         2006 Bentley Continental GTC
                          IMAGE  CREDITS -Bentley


(Source Bentley ) 
The Continental GTC, Bentley Motors' new luxury 2+2 convertible, will be officially unveiled at the New York International Automobile Show in April 2006. When the stunning convertible goes on sale later this year it will complete the Bentley Continental model range, following the introduction of the highly successful Continental GT in 2003 and four-door Continental Flying Spur in 2005.

With a top speed of 195mph (312km/h), a sophisticated all-wheel drive system, state-of-the-art 12-cylinder engine, advanced air suspension and ultra-stiff body structure, the Continental GTC displays all the poise, exhilarating performance and dynamic handling of the Continental GT. In common with its stable mates, the interior of the new Continental GTC provides an unrivalled standard of craftsmanship, utilising natural wood veneers and leather hides of the finest quality, which are on full display when you lower the elegant, electro-hydraulically operated soft-top roof.

'The Continental GTC is the most distinctive new Bentley yet,' explains Bentley Motors' Chairman and Chief Executive, Dr Franz-Josef Paefgen. 'It is very elegant and at the same time effortlessly modern. It will appeal to many different customers: people who are tired of driving sports cars that require too much effort; people who want to move up from more standard convertibles; and people who want to make a statement about what they drive, yet still own a car that they can use every day of the year               

      Engine                                      6 liter W12
      HP    551 hp @ 6100 rpm
      Displacement     5998 cc
      Torque    479 lb-ft @ 1600 rpm
      Weight lb(kg)    5500 (2495)
      Acceleration 0-62  mph        4.8 s                                          
      Top speed    195 mph
      Driveline    All Wheel Drive
      Price (approx)  


The Continental GTC is powered by Bentley’s magnificent W12 twin-turbocharged 6.0-liter engine, which will propel the car to 60 mph in 4.8 seconds and on to a top speed of 195 mph. This awe-inspiring piece of engineering is identical to the unit used in the coupe and four-door versions of the Continental and delivers phenomenal power (552 bhp) as well as that legendary wave of torque (479 lb-ft) from low revs that is the hallmark of every Bentley.

The 12-cylinder block has a 48-valve head with four camshafts that operate using continually variable valve-timing. Power is transmitted via a seven-bearing crankshaft to the car’s six-speed automatic transmission. To ensure compliance stringent emissions regulations, the twin turbochargers are designed with a unique bypass valve that automatically sends exhaust gases to heat the catalytic converters when the car is started from cold. This valve then operates as the turbocharger wastegate at all other times.

The Borg-Warner turbochargers are also the ideal solution for producing the flat torque curve, ensuring that the driver has instantly available performance without a hint of turbo lag or having to shift down through the gears. That mighty torque curve is constant, with no drop-off from its maximum output of 479 lb-ft at just 1600 rev/min all the way up to 6000 rev/min

New rear suspension system improves the ride and refinement, and increases roof stowage space without impacting on 235-litre luggage compartment volume, which can carry skis and golf bags or travel bags simultaneously.

 A high-tech, all-wheel-drive system with Torsen differential for exceptional stability and grip in any conditions is driven by an advanced six-speed automatic gearbox with manual change mode and paddleshift controls

Interior Design

By its very nature a convertible Bentley is the perfect car to demonstrate the unparalleled craftsmanship and luxury which abounds throughout its cabin. The symmetrical theme of the fascia, which echoes the shape of the Bentley wings, is reflected through the cabin and onto the leather hide tonneau cover. As with a tailor-made suit, the tonneau cover has carefully positioned stitch lines, highlighting its form and craftsmanship.

The front seats have a new sculpted rear which produces an additional 30mm (1.2 inches) of knee-space in the rear.

In the rear of the Continental GTC the centre console finishes with a veneered panel just behind the front armrests, therefore leaving the rear seats as an uninterrupted surface of leather hide, optimising the maximum space for the proportion of the car

Exterior Features and Technology

The Bentley Continental GTC combines the finest Bentley traditions and craftsmanship with highly advanced automotive technology. Wherever modern solutions have been introduced on the car, however, these are never to the detriment of driving enjoyment or passenger comfort. What’s more, the full features list is almost entirely standard, meaning customers won’t be forced to trawl through an exhaustive options list at additional cost.