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                                                                                     Maybach 62
                      IMAGE  CREDITS -Daimler Chrysler

  Motoring refinement at the highest level World premiere of the new Maybach 62

  Maybach 62 : Automotive masterpiece with a new dimension of luxury and comfort
  • Trailblazing technical innovations by Mercedes-Benz as standard

  •  Extensive luxury appointments for individual customer requirements

  •  From standstill to 100 km/h in 5.4 seconds with a 550 hp biturbo engine

  • Ten airbags and the SBC™ braking system for exemplary safety

New York - Four months after its comeback at the Geneva Motor Show, the luxury car brand Maybach is presenting the exciting new high-end automobile to the public for the first time.

Equipped with the automotive technology of the 21st Century, crafted in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and designed with scrupulous attention to detail, the new Maybach reflects the expertise of DaimlerChrysler as the world's most innovative and tradition-steeped vehicle manufacturer while benefiting from the technical leadership, know-how and unique experience of its sister-brand Mercedes-Benz in the worldwide luxury car segment.

      Engine                                      5.5 Liter 12 Cylinder
      HP    550 BHP @ 5250 rpm
      Displacement     5500 cc (336 cu. in.)
      Torque    663.8 lb-ft @ 2300 - 3000 rpm
      Weight lbs (kg)    6129
      Acceleration 0-62  mph        5.4 sec.
      Top speed    155.34 mph
      Driveline    Rear Wheel Drive
      Price (approx)    --

The Maybach defines the standards at the very peak of the passenger car market, at the same time continuing the tradition of the legendary Maybach automobiles which were among the elite in German and international automotive engineering together with Mercedes-Benz during the 1920s and 1930s.

Trailblazing innovations so far uniquely available in Mercedes-Benz vehicles have undergone further development for the Maybach and are included in the standard equipment: the electro-hydraulic braking system Sensotronic Brake Control (SBC™), the electronically controlled air suspension system AIRMATIC DC (Dual Control), LINGUATRONIC voice control, the operating and display system COMAND APS or the automatic emergency call system TELEAID.

These are complemented by further masterpieces of automotive engineering which were specifically developed for the Maybach and substantiate its claim to the high-end position in the luxury car segment: the most powerful, highest powerplant in the world, the Type 12 engine (with 405 kW/ 550 hp), innovative and comfortable fully-reclining seats in the rear, a 600 Watt sound system with Dolby surround sound on every seat and the highly efficient four-zone climate control system with two separate air conditioners.

Design: a perfect balance of classic and avant-garde features

In the new Maybach technological excellence is combined with equally unique elegance, aesthetics and design perfection. The sum of all the characteristics that render this masterpiece on wheels supreme may be fittingly described in one word: refinement.

The harmonious interplay of form, colour and materials lends this high-end luxury motor car a design quality which accentuates its serene character and gives it an unmistakable identity. The Maybach represents greatness in a highly elegant manner, a perfect balance of classic and avant-garde features determining its special stylistic appeal. The lines of the Maybach are intended to hold a timeless appeal - an ideal which applies to both the exterior and interior design. In every sense of the word this makes the new Maybach an automobile for life.

The highest quality materials - among them more than 100 exquisitely crafted and hand-fitted items of exotic wood trim - embellish the spacious interior, whose design was guided by a single objective as the measure of all things: the greatest possible comfort and wellbeing for all the passengers and an entirely new definition of "first class". Accordingly the top Maybach 62 model literally takes automotive luxury into a new dimension: the interior has an overall length of 2.68 metres and the distance between the front and rear seats is 1.57 metres - a unique figure.

Engine: peak values for output and torque

The newly developed engine of the Maybach reflects the long years of experience and great expertise of DaimlerChrysler in the development, design and production of twelve-cylinder power units - DaimlerChrysler is the world's largest manufacturer of V12 engines for passenger cars. With a displacement of 5.5 litres, and with the help of biturbo charging, the Maybach engine develops an output of 405 kW/550 hp, with a maximum torque of 900 Newton metres already available from 2300 rpm. This gives the "Type 12" power unit the highest output and torque of any series-production car engine in the world. Thanks to three-valve technology and highly efficient catalytic converters it already complies with the strict exhaust EU 4 emission limits which come into force in 2005.

These high output and torque values guarantee effortless Maybach performance in any situation: the Maybach 62 accelerates from zero to 100 km/h in just 5.4 seconds, and thanks to the high torque a sprint from 60 to 120 km/h takes only 6.5 seconds.

Safety: occupant protection with ten airbags

In addition to a highly sophisticated body structure, the exemplary safety technology of this high-end luxury motor car includes a total of ten airbags -- two adaptive airbags with two-stage gas generators for the front occupants, four sidebags and two large windowbags on each side of the interior. The three-point seat belts with automatic comfort-fit, high-performance belt tensioners and belt force limiters are integrated into the seats and can therefore develop their full protective action in any position. By virtue of these sophisticated safety features the new Maybach passes the stringent crash tests prescribed by the European and American NCAP (New Car Assessment Program) with flying colours.

The Maybach's high level of handling safety is assisted by the innovative Sensotronic Brake Control (SBC™) braking system developed by Mercedes-Benz, which features two central control units, two high-pressure reservoirs and two hydraulic units in the case of the Maybach. This means that this high-end car is equipped with a total of eight braking circuits, while internally ventilated front disc brakes, each with two callipers, ensure reliable deceleration.

Masterpieces of contemporary automotive technology

The high-end luxury Saloon is powered by the newly developed 405 kW/550-hp "Type 12" Maybach engine which offers more power and torque than any other series-production passenger car engine in the world. With its displacement of 5.5 litres, bi-turbocharging and 900 Newton metres of torque, this power unit has everything it takes to deliver superior driving performance whilst providing the high level of comfort expected of the luxury car brand.

The electronically controlled AIRMATIC DC (Dual Control) air suspension is one of the latest innovations from Mercedes which will also be a prime feature of the Maybach. Using sophisticated micro-electronics, AIRMATIC DC is able to control the suspension and damping simultaneously in order to provide unsurpassed dynamic handling coupled with impeccable ride comfort. The SBC™ electrohydraulic braking system has undergone further development for use in the Maybach to ensure that the Saloon has braking power in keeping with its exceptional performance characteristics.

   Other Maybach 62 Specifications:

   Engine Location: Front
   Engine Configuration: V
   Aspiration: Twin-turbocharged
   Valves: 36 valves - 3 valves per cylinder
   Valvetrain: SOHC
   HP / Liter: 98.7 BHP / Liter
   HP to Weight Ratio: 11.6 LB / HP
   Transmission: Automatic

   Cargo Volume: 18.00 cu. ft.
   Seating Capacity: 4
   Doors: 4
   Length: 242.501 in | 6159.5 mm. 
   Width: 78.001 in | 1981.2 mm. 
   Height: 62.001 in | 1574.8 mm. 
   Wheelbase: 150.701 in | 3827.8 mm. 
   Ground Clearance: 6.571 in | 166.9 mm

Maybach Personal customer support around the clock

In addition to its focus on achieving technical perfection and stylish elegance, the new Maybach prestige car brand also attaches top priority to providing attentive customer service for its highly discerning clientele. This new service concept is built around Personal Liaison Managers, each of whom is responsible for a very small group of Maybach owners. At the customer's request, the Personal Liaison Manager can provide support and assistance with a wide range of activities -- such as organising visits to the Maybach Manufaktur or scheduling vehicle servicing, for example. Following the market premiere of the Maybach, customers will be able to contact their Personal Liaison Manager around the clock.

The styling and appointments of the high-end luxury car are the result of an intensive exchange of ideas between the customer, the customer's Personal Liaison Manager and the designers and development engineers. Their meeting points are the Maybach Centers around the world or the Center of Excellence, which DaimlerChrysler is currently setting up in Sindelfingen. The Center accommodates the Maybach Atelier covering an area of around 2200 square metres. Here, customers can look through a comprehensive selection of the most sumptuous materials, exclusive colours, and innovative technical details. This wide variety of fine woods, paint finishes, leathers and other exquisite appointments forms the basis for the extremely personalised styling of each and every Maybach Saloon.

Full servicing package and global transport logistics for Maybach customers

The luxury car brand's customer care concept also comprises a complete servicing package planned right down to the finest detail for the Maybach customers and their unique cars. The first point of contact for questions relating to vehicle maintenance or repair is the Personal Liaison Manager who co-ordinates all the necessary steps following discussion with the customer.